Cricket score cards template - Cricket Desktop Scorecard. In India cricket is not just a game! It is worshiped, fought as the most fierce battle. It is the most enthusiastic game and a sign of pride for all the youngsters and with - Cricket Desktop Scorecard you can create the the score card for the net geeks! who can't miss on the internet as well as cricket! If you like to play cards, then you should definitely learn to play 10 point pitch. Although there are numerous variations, a standard game normally involves 4 players. The players who sit across from one another are considered partners and work together to try and win the game. If you play a round of golf and a marker is keeping your score, he or she will give you your scorecard at the end of the round for you to check and sign. It is the player's responsibility to make sure the scores are correct before signing the scorecard, even when a marker was the person writing down your scores.