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Seat of any ve hicle or formula student race vehicle is one of the important component of a racing car and should be designed at the best comfort level so that the driver feel less fatigue and ... DIMO and University of Moratuwa unveil Formula Student 2018 race car Only company to step forward to realize the dreams of UoM engineering students Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), one of the leading automobile and engineering companies in Sri Lanka, together with students from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Moratuwa (UoM), […] We are RU Racing (formerly known as Team Sleipnir), the FS team of Reykjavik University. The team was founded by students in 2015 with the goal to compete in Formula Student. With short time and money the team successfully built their first car, shipped it to the UK and competed in endurance on the Silverstone circuit 2016. About Formula Student Czech Republic. Formula Student is the international engineering competition with it's origin in the Formula SAE (1972, USA). It is focused on the evolution of education and experience of students by unique task assignment: Build a race car! The teams had to be careful, Dangel says, because they were re-using cars from the 2015 Formula Student Electric race and pushing them beyond their design lifespan. “We are basically building a prototype on top of a prototype, which is a really stupid idea, in general,” Dangel says. Find out everything you need to know about Formula Student 2020, from registering your team to competition rules and FAQs. General information Find out everything you need to know about Formula Student, from where you can stay to how big your garage will be. For the second year in a row Formula Student Team Delft has two divisions: Electric and Driverless, each working on their own separate car. The Electric division is building a brand new and improved electric race car (the DUT20).