Famous french sauces

Suggestions - Sauces. Sauces 1-2-3 Sauce Bearnaise Sauce Blender Hollandaise Bordelaise Sauce Brown Sauce Caper Butter Caper Mayonnaise Cheese Sauce Chinese Brown Sauce Freddy's Famous Fry Sauce® Freddy's Famous Fry Sauce® 18 oz. is the same secret sauce recipe enjoyed in Freddy's restaurants across the country. Freddy's Fry Sauce can also be used to enhance the flavor of sandwiches, burgers, chicken, and, of course, fries. Our Fry Sauce brings the tasty Freddy's flavor home to your kitchen. Sep 17, 2010 · Add 1 cup evaporated milk and hot sauce. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly with whisk until melted, bubbly, and thickened (about 5 minutes). Mixture will look thin and grainy at first but will thicken and come together after heating. Thin to desired consistency with additional evaporated milk. The book is organized around chapters for each of the basic sauce groups: brown sauces, white sauces, Bechamels, emulsified sauces, and butter sauces. Additional sections cover compound butter sauces and desert sauces. He includes 'geneologies' of brown sauces, ordinary veloute sauces, chicken veloute sauces,... The name of this easy French recipe may be familiar to you thanks to the famous Disney movie, but you don’t need to be a fancy cook to make this delicious vegetable dish. While you may see photos of a finished ratatouille with perfectly arranged vegetables, most French people actually chop up their veggies and toss them together when they ... If you're a fan of Chick-fil-A or their famous sauce (and really, who can have one without the other?) there's a good chance you have some questions. How was it invented? And what in the world is it made of? Keep reading to find out about this sauce's crazy roots.