Jib sheet selection guide

P&B Tuning Guide | Flying Fifteen Epsilon & Alto ... Track Sliders and Fairleads End Stops Jib Tracks Main Sheet Systems Tracks Traveller Car and Track Slide Webbing ... Sailing an RS400 upwind in light/medium wind Posted: 04/01/2006 Sailing an RS400 upwind fast is a largely about maintaining the correct balance between power, pointing, and maintaining wind flow over the sails, as well as water flow over the foils (centreboard and rudder). Balancing Jib Sail Trim and Flow. One "click" of a winch or ratchet block can cause a jib sail's leech telltale to go from flowed to stalled 4. GTX transceivers in FB packages support the following maximum data rates: 10.3Gb/s in FBG484; 6.6Gb/s in FBG676 and FBG900. See DS182, Kintex-7 FPGAs Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics, for details. Optimized for Best Price-Performance (1.0V, 0.95V, 0.9V) Part Number XC7K70T XC7K160T XC7K325T XC7K355T XC7K410T XC7K420T XC7K480T