Fp7 project fact sheet

The ASAP FP7 research project developed a dynamic open-source execution framework for scalable data analytics. The underlying idea was that no single execution model is suitable for all types of tasks, and no single data model (and store) is suitable for all types of data. In fact, in order to fully understand the content of this fact sheet it is strongly advisable to read the “Introduction to IP rules in FP7 Projects” and three other fact sheets on the IP management during an FP7 project life cycle, The FAUST project is a European Union sponsored project part of the FP7 Framework. The project will deliver statistical machine translation that will adapt to user feedback. Fact Sheets . EU Fact Sheet 1 ; EU FACT SHEET 2 ... Collaborative project FP7: Theme: ENV.2013.6.4-4 Towards stress tests for critical infrastructures against natural ... Project Fact Sheet Start date: 01 March 2008. Duration: 40 Months. Total cost: 15,065,056 € Total EC Funding: 10,200,000 € Funding Scheme: FP7-ICT integrated project. Objective: In their daily interaction over the Internet, individuals contribute throughout their life leaving a life-long trail of personal data. Technological advances ... The purpose of this fact sheet is to give an overview of the rules concerning foreground in FP7 projects. Potential scenarios and practical hints are also provided to help you in the daily management of your projects. Note that this document should not be read in isolation, especially if you are a newcomer.