Excel 2003s timesheet

Does anyone know the .net odbc driver connection string for excel 2003's xml spreadsheets? How do I find how much SVN traffic I'm using? How can I remove the first line of a text file using bash/sed script: JavaScript developer looking for insperation from frameworks such as cocoa: iPhone Dev: passing object from controller to a view Chapter 1: Introduction About This Book. Microsoft Excel is much, much more than just a spreadsheet. Since the introduction of the Visual Basic Editor in Excel 97 and the improved stability of Excel 2000, it has become a respected development platform in its own right. Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. The timesheet template on this page is ideal for companies that need to report hours worked, but don't need to report clock in/out times. To record in/out times and have Excel calculate hours worked, try our Time Sheet with Breaks or the Time Card Calculator. Finally, there's a book that treats Excel as the powerful development platform it really is, and covers every facet of developing commercial-quality Excel applications. This is not a book for … - Selection from Professional Excel Development: The Definitive Guide to Developing Applications Using Microsoft® Excel and VBA® [Book] • Go right, not down Usually hitting Enter shifts the Excel cell pointer to the cell below. If you'd rather go right, in Excel 2007 go to the Office button in the upper left, select Excel Options, and select Advanced. Under Editing options, the first choice is After pressing Enter, move selection. Pick a direction.