Streatham ice rink timetable sheet

If you would like to go ice-skating in Streatham or even use one of the two swimming pools then you can either purchase a membership to the centre or pay-and-play access during your visit. Streatham Ice Rink General Enquiries – 0208 677 5758. Contact a representative from Streatham Ice Rink on their London rate number 0208 677 5758 to enquire ... Download a practice sheet with your team logo! This page offers you the ability to download some helpful resources. Just download, print, and take to the rink! You could also try different activities on ice such as figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey. Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre is home to various Ice clubs. These clubs can be attended when you have completed NISA Skate UK levels 1-8. Streatham Dance Club. The Dance Club meets every Thursday from 8.00 to 9.00 pm. 1 Addendum Sheet Land at numbers 382, 386, 388 and 390 Streatham High Road 10/04049/S106 The comments raised by Save Skating in Streatham are repeated in the report addressing the temporary ice rink in Pope’s Road which is also on this agenda. It is proposed to add an additional clause in the variation to the s106 requiring a Better is a registered trademark and trading name of GLL (Greenwich Leisure Limited), a charitable social enterprise and registered society under the Co-operative & Community Benefit & Societies Act 2014 registration no. 27793R.