Delta pilot s fmb70 datasheet

Deltapilot S FMB70 Hydrostatic level measurement Pressure sensor with CONTITETM measuring cell. Condensate-resistant and offering long-term stability. Communication via HART, PA or FF. Application The hydrostatic pressure sensor is used for the following measuring tasks: • Hydrostatic pressure measurement in liquids and paste-like The Deltapilot FMB70 with the condensate resistant Contite measuring cell and two-chamber housing is typically used in the process and hygienic applications. It is made for level measurement in liquid and paste-like media in open or closed containers and unaffected by possible foam formation. Measuring principle: Hydrostatic Level measurement. Differential pressure transmitter with two diaphragm seals for differential pressure and level. The Deltabar FMD78 differential pressure transmitter with metal sensor uses two capillary diaphragm seals. Typically used in process and hygiene applications for continuous measurement of pressure differences in liquids, vapors, gases and dusts. Deltapilot S FMB70 6 Endress+Hauser Level measurement in closed tanks with pressure overlay You can determine the differential pre ssure in tanks with pressure overlay using two Deltapilot S probes. The measured pressure values of the two pr obes are sent to a signal processing unit such as Endress+Hauser RMA or a PLC.