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The length of each side of an equilateral triangle having an area of 9√3 cm2 is (a) 8 cm (b) 36 cm (c) 4 cm (d) 6 cm asked Feb 2, 2018 in Class IX Maths by saurav24 Expert ( 1.4k points) heron’s formula Using herons formula calculate the area and the altitude of an equilateral triangle of side 80 cm. ... Perimeter of equilateral triangle = 3a = 3×80 = 240 cm Write a Java Program to find Area of Equilateral Triangle, Perimeter, Semi Perimeter, and Altitude of Equilateral Triangle with example. The Equilateral Triangle is a triangle of equal sides and all angles are equal to 60 degrees. If we know the side, then calculate the area of an Equilateral ... Trapezoid area = ((sum of the bases) ÷ 2) • height Lines BC and AD are parallel and are called bases. Lines AB and DC are the non-parallel sides and are called legs. Lines AC (or q) and BD (or p) are called diagonals The line perpendicular to lines AD & BC is called the height or altitude. Explore this assortment of the area of triangles worksheets to elevate the practice of 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade children. Incorporated here is an array of topics like finding the area of a triangle with dimensions in integers, decimals and fractions, finding the area involving unit conversions, finding the area of scalene, isosceles and equilateral triangles and more!