Cruise ship staff titles

Cruise Ship Tracker / Live Ship Tracking Map. CRUISIN is currently tracking the largest selection of cruise ships online! Track Ocean & River Cruise Ships on our custom interactive Live Cruise Ship Tracker. Cruise Ship Job Descriptions Cruise ship jobs are arranged by department. Every cruise line doesn't necessarily use the same titles. But, jobs on cruise ships do tend to fit into these general categories. Deck Department The deck department commands and navigates the cruise ship. The highest ranking officer aboard a cruise ship is the staff ... Cruise Ship Job Positions – Deck Jobs Captain Job Description: The Captain ensures the safety and comfort of all passengers; Oversees the management of the whole ship from navigation to entertainment and everything in between; Communicates with corporate office regarding everything from incidents to budgets. The Assistant Cruise Director aids the Cruise Director in the organization and routine of the passenger’s activities and helps to plan the events onboard the ship. The Assistant Cruise Director helps the host staff upon greeting the passengers each time they arrive onboard as well as when they disembark. Cruise staff is a part of Zest recruitment and provides employment services for great people looking for Cruise Ship Jobs