Monogen formula

Chylothorax, a known complication of surgery for Congenital Diaphragmatic hernia, can sometimes be resistant to treat. Octeriotide (Somatostatin analogue) can be useful in this situation. However, the dose and schedule of Octeriotide therapy in neonates is not well established. May 17, 2016 · Nutricia Product Series - Monogen: Introducing Our Upgraded Low LCT, High MCT Formula. Join our speaker, Ulrike Reichert for a free educational webinar on details of our recently launched, upgraded Monogen. Join us to learn more about the latest changes to Nutricia's low LCT, high MCT fomula. Monogen Whey protein-based formula with 90% MCT oil, not nutritionally complete (vitamins and minerals) Infants requiring decreased long-chain fatty acids, chylothorax Enfaport Milk-based formula with 84% MCT oil, comes in liquid concentrate form Infants requiring decreased long-chain fatty acids, chylothorax Neocate/EleCare/ PurAmino/Alfamino Monogen is an MCT-based enteral formula designed for infants and children with lipid and lymphatic disorders. The MCT in both Portagen and Monogen is provided by fractionated coconut oil, but the fatty acid profile of Monogen is unique because it contains 93% MCT with only 7% LCT provided by walnut oil. Monogen is a milk protein-based powder, low in fat, and high in medium chain triglycerides (MCT). A medical food for individuals over one year of age. Monogen Main Features: 25% of calories from fat. 90% of fat as MCT. Excellent ratio of essential fatty acids (n6:n3 ratio of 4.6:1) Welcome to Nutricia North America. You home for metabolic formula and low protein foods for the dietary management of PKU, MSUD, TYR, HCU, UCD and more.