Peter gunn theme henry mancini sheet music

Oct 01, 2019 · Peter Gunn for String Quartet written by Henry Mancini. The format of this sheet music is N and it’s published by Hal Leonard. Peter Gunn is part of the following sheet music categories: Movies, Sixties. FREE SHEET MUSIC 130 000+ free sheet music ... Progressive jazz piano solo written as part of the score for the Peter Gunn film by Henry Mancini. Song List:Peter Gunn ... The recording itself is superb. These sessions sound as if they could have been recorded last week instead of 50 years ago. I know young adults in their 20's who know and can hum the Peter Gunn theme song. That proves the enduring quality of Henry Mancini's work here. Yes, the theme is iconic, but every piece of music on this album is a gem. Buy it!