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Would ikeya formula sequential shifter for evo4-6 work on 2g. I know that mounting to the floor will require modifications, but would the mechanism it self work with 2G cable position and opposite transmission location. Loading... Capable of 300 LPH free flow and 200 LPH at 5 bar or 72.5 psi. - Sequential shifter to convert H-pattern gearbox to sequential shift. - The only sequential shifter for t56 that you can buy and fit today with an easy bolt on fitment. No electronics required . - The fastest most efficient shift possible with our unique patent pending mechanism. Ikeya Formula. Ikeya Formula specialise in aftermarket parts for Japanese based vehicles. The Ikeya Formula Sequential Shifter system is well known for its quality and is available for a large number of vehicles. Mar 29, 2010 · "The Ikeya Formula sequential shifter converts conventional H-pattern shift to a sequential up and down shift mechanism. The clutch is still required, but the movement is dramatically simplified. When you push down the shift lever, the drum in the SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER starts rotating.