Repeating the same data on every sheet in excel

How to repeat a sequence of numbers in Excel? In Excel, you can type a starting number then drag autofill handle down to auto fill a series of numbers. But in some cases, you need to insert a sequence of numbers which ends with a specific number then repeat this sequence again and again as below screenshot shown, how can you quickly insert it? The simplest thing you can do is add formulas that refer to the cells in sheet 1 containing the information you want to replicate. So a simple =Sheet1!A1 should be enough. I have a long row of data that I am averaging week-by-week. I would like to grab the first 7 cells with data and be able to drag my formula over so that it grabs the next 7 days of data. Every time that I try this it always grabs the adjacent cell and averages numbers that I have already averaged in the previous formula: Looping is extremely important when coding because it can shorten up the length of your code tremendously. It's kind of like having a macro inside your macro since it allows you to repeat the same task (or apply the same action) over and over and over again.